Hollywood Career
Media Coach Victorya Michaels Rogers spent more than a decade as a prominent talent agent booking more than 25 million dollars in business. While earning her bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism from California State University at Long Beach, Victorya entered the entertainment world at 18 through the live award show circuit with her first gig at the American Music Awards. Two years after college she was promoted to talent agent at just 23. During her agent career, Victorya represented award winning producers, directors, writers, technical crew and actors for film and television. Her wide range of clients won awards across the board, including Academy and Emmy Awards. Victorya sold television series, animated series, talk shows and movies-of-the-week.. She also taught three years at the esteemed Entertainment Studies extension program at UCLA on how to break into the entertainment business. In addition to a dating coach, Victorya is also a media career coach, and hosts the series How to Be a Make it in Hollywood. She coaches people across the country on how to make their Hollywood dreams a reality.For more information about her career coaching and audio programs visit her media website at www.makeitinmedia.com.

The Coach
Victorya loved guiding the careers of her Hollywood clients but she wanted to make more of an impact on their lives than merely finding their next short term TV or movie gig. So she achieved her Masters degree at Fuller Theological Seminary at night while continuing her agent career by day. Two years after graduating she married Will Rogers, giving her a great excuse to walk away from the security of her agent career and transition to her dream career of author, speaker and coach. Since that day she had spoken across the country, written four relationship and inspirational books, released her audio series, and continues to actively coach people on major areas of their life including dating, relationships, media and career guidance.

The Author
Victorya was single during her agent career which inspired 2 of the 4 books that she has written. During her single years Victorya went from no dates to being pursued by an Academy Award winning actor, Grammy winning rock star, gospel singer, DJ, pro-athlete, firefighter, naval aviator, and more, Rogers not only discovered the secrets to finding a man but also the secrets to finding and keeping the man of your dreams. This former Hollywood agent went on over 100 first dates with 98% of them asking her out for a second date. She has dating down to a science and enjoys teaching that science to you. When recently asked exactly what is it that she does, Victorya quickly replied “I am in the business of teaching people to create healthy dating relationships that lead to healthy marriage relationships, in a world in desperate need of them.”  Rogers’ books include The Automatic 2nd Date and Finding a Man Worth Keeping. She co-authored the inspirational books The Day I Met God and How to Talk About Jesus Without Freaking Out  and has contributed to several others.

The Speaker
Helping her audience pursue their relationship, life and Hollywood career goals, Victorya inspires her audiences to rekindle forgotten dreams as she shows them how to catch them. With infectious enthusiasm, she speaks throughout America at conferences, universities, singles groups, retreats, churches, youth groups, and women's luncheons. Her daily passion is to inspire single women to hold out for the very best, refusing to settle, because better dating choices creates better marriages!

Victorya has been married to her husband Will for 10 years. They live in a suburb of Dallas with their two young children, Matthew and Katie. She has appeared on many radio and television programs.

Victorya’s Crendentials

Professional Achievements

  • Dating Coach since 2002
  • Entertainment career consultant, Victorya Rogers Company, since 1998
  • Talent Agent, Irv Schechter Company, Beverly Hills, CA 11 years  (booked over $25 million in business for her clients during her career)
  • University Instructor at UCLA for 3 years & UCO for 1 year on careers in entertainment,  guest speaker at USC & Biola University
  • Free Lanced at over 60 live televised award shows (including American Music Awards, The Grammy Awards, People’s Choice Awards, Emmy Awards, MTV Awards, Academy of Country Music Awards, etc.)

Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA        MA
California State University at Long Beach           BA       

Published Books

The Automatic Second Date       2007    Howard (Simon & Schuster)
Finding a Man Worth Keeping    2005    Howard
*The Day I Met God                      2001    Multnomah
*How to Talk About Jesus without Freaking Out  2000 Multnomah
(*co-authored with Jim & Karen Covell)

TV Appearances/Interviews: partial list
“At Home with Chuck and Jenni” 5 appearances
Family Net Broadcasting (National), Guest
“Living the Life” CBN, 2 appearances (National) Guest
Fox News, Dallas, TX, Dating Expert
CBS News Oklahoma City, OK, Dating Expert
ABC News, Oklahoma City, OK, Dating Expert
“FYI” TV Pilot TBN, Dating Expert, Host of Dating Segment
“The Call”, Family Net Broadcasting (National), Featured
“The New Harvest”, LeSea Broadcasting  (National)
WATC-TV interview with Greg West
KDTX-TV Trinity Broadcasting of Texas                            

Radio (over 200 guest appearances)
National Appearances, Partial List:
Focus on the Family, 2 day appearance “Hollywood from the Inside Out” broadcasts.
Beverly LaHaye Today   Washington DC Mkt, National
Decision Today, interview with Keith Peters & Janet Parshall’s America, National mkt, & Luis Palau Evangelistic Association, 90 sec. radio spots synd. Appeared for two weeks,
American Family Radio, Today’s Issues, Christian Radio Network
WRAF Round the Country, Syndicated on 37 stations across 20 states

How to Make it In Hollywood series, Host
Essentials Video, NAMB Productions, Featured interview
Rambling Road VBS Video, Featured Interview, NAMB Productions

Victorya is an Ordained Minister since 1996 (International Ministerial Fellowship)
On Core Missionary with NAMB since 2004

Victorya Michaels Rogers
Credits during Hollywood Agent Career

Victorya sold the following Television Programming for her clients:
Extreme (prime-time series starring James Brtolin for ABC/Universal), 2 Stupid Dogs (animated series for Hanna Barbara/Turner/The Cartoon Network), Abby Abelskeever (animated series for PBS), About Sarah (movie of the week for CBS starring Mary Steenburgenn and Kelly Martin), One More Mountain (movie of the week about the Donner family crossing America in 1800s), The Bree Walker Show (Talk show for Disney), Pandora’s Box (animated feature film for Hanna Barbera).

Victorya’s clients wrote, produced or directed the following TV series:
The Tonight Show, The Jeff Foxworth Show, Drew Carey, Sunset Beach, Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman, Unsolved Mysteries, Homicide, Police Academy, Real Stories of the Highway Patrol, Renegade, The Greg Kinnear Show, Nightmares, Baywatch Nights, Born Free, Dead Man’s Gun, Della Ventura, Due South, Gun, High Tide, Land of the Lost, Old MacDonald’s Farm, Breaker High, Sweet Valley High, The New Mickey Mouse Club, The New Captain Kangaroo, Superboy, Power Rangers and more.

Victorya’s clients were technical crew for the following feature films:
(Below-the-Line crew includes: UPM, Cinematographer, Production Designer, Stunt Coordinator, Editor, Composer, Sound Mixer, Costume Designer, Script Supervisor, Make-Up or Hair)

Anaconda, A Smile Like Yours, Batman, Beverly Hills Ninja, Blues Brothers, The Brady Bunch I & II, Boxing Helena, Cutthroat Island, Dances with Wolves, Die Hard II & III, Double Team, Down Periscope, Drop Zone, Eight Seconds, Father of the Bride, Fair Game, Fire Down below, Glory, Guilty as Sin, Hope Floats, How to Make an American Quilt, Money Train, Operation Dumbo Drop, On Deadly Ground, OutBreak, Pleasantville, Power Rangers, Power of One, Private Parts, Pure Country, Ransom, RiverWild, Romy & Michelle, Rosewood, Seven, Space Jam, Small Soldiers, Sneakers, Species, Streetfighter II, Terminal Velocity, The Cowboy Way, The Phantom, The Substitute, TimeCop, Tin Cup, Twelve Angry Men, U.S. Marshall, Zorro.

Victorya’s clients wrote, directed or produced the following feature films: Leprechaun, Leprechaun II, Merlin, Mr. Wonderful, Ordinary Average Joe, Rumpelstilskin, The Place of Lions, Power Rangers 2: The Volcano.

Victorya’s clients wrote the following Animated Feature Films and Home Videos: Alvin & The Chipmunks Meet Wolfman, Babes in Toyland, The Chipmunks Meet Frankenstein, Fievel Goes West, Flintstone’s Christmas Carol, Hollyrock-Rock-A-Bye Baby, Hercules & Xena, I Yabby Dabba Do!, Land Before Time II, Land Before Time V, Land Before Tim VI, Rip Van Winkle, Scooby Doo & The Ghoul School, ‘Tis the Season to be Smurfy.

Victorya’s Clients wrote or produced the following animated television series: American Tale, Back to the Future, Batman, Beethoven, Beetlejuice, Biker Mice from Mars, Book of Virtues, Captain Planet, Casper, Cat & Dog, Doug, DuckTales, Dumb & Dumber, The Flintstone, GhostBusters, Goof Troop, Gummi Bears, Hysteria, The New Jetson, Muppet Babies, New Johnny Quest, Nightmare Ned, Pinky & The Brain, Problem Child, RoboCop, Smurfs, Sonic The Hedgehog, Superman, Tom & Jerry Kids, Two Stupid Dogs, Wizard of Oz, Where in the World is Carmen San Diego.

Victorya’s Clients were technical crew on the following Television Shows: (Below-the-line crew includes UPM, DP, Art Director, Editor, Stunt Coordinator, Sound, Script Supervisor, Costumer, Make-Up or Hair)

Baywatch, Cheers, Cracker, Cybil, Fame LA, Good News, Grace Under Fire, From Earth to the Moon, Homicide, I’ll Fly Away, JAG, Mantis, Model’s Inc., Melrose Place, Nash Bridges, NewsRadio, Nightmen, Nothing Sacred, 90210, OZ, Parenthood, Pretender, Profiler, Rockford Files, Roseanne, Sabrina, Seventh Heaven, Sliders, Twin Peaks, The Ben Stiller Show, The Tom Show, XFiles.

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