About Victorya

Author/Speaker VICTORYA MICHAELS ROGERS inspires her audiences to rekindle forgotten dreams as she shows them how to catch them. A former Hollywood agent, Victorya is a popular speaker at colleges and the Christian circuit. With infectious enthusiasm, she speaks around the country at universities, churches, conferences, women’s retreats, single’s groups, youth groups, and women’s luncheons. This author of four books has appeared on hundreds of radio programs including “Focus on the Family” and many television talk shows including Living the Life.

Her faith-based talks include “Live a Thrilling Life in Spite of Reality,” “Life Happens, but God is Good,” “The Christian Gals Guide to Dating,” “From Boring to Significant,” “Hollywood, Reality and Jesus,” and, just for kids, “Hey, You’re All That!”.

Popular talks Victorya gives at universities and singles events include

“Automatic Dating—how to go from clueless to confident in the dating game,” “The College Girls Guide to Dating—Savvy secrets for the Sorority Girl,” and “Finding a Man Worth Keeping.”

The Author

Victorya has author, co-author and contributed to several books. She wrote the relationship books The Automatic 2nd Date, and  Finding a Man Worth Keeping, to offer honest yet blatant advice, warnings and humor, and most importantly hope for today’s single woman. She is also the co-author of the true story inspirational books The Day I Met God and How to Talk About Jesus Without Freaking Out   along with dear friends Jim & Karen Covell.

Her Hollywood Career

While earning her bachelor's degree in broadcast journalism from California State University at Long Beach, Victorya entered the entertainment world at 18 through the live award show circuit with her first gig at the American Music Awards. Two years after college she was promoted to talent agent at just 23 and for more than a decade was a prominent Hollywood agent booking millions of dollars in business each year. She represented award winning producers, directors, writers, technical crew and actors for film and television. Victorya also taught three years at the esteemed Entertainment Studies extension program at UCLA on how to break into the entertainment business. She has spoken at many Media conferences across the country including ACT ONE events and Biola Media Conferences. Victorya hosts the series How to Be a Make it in Hollywood. She continues her involvement in entertainment industry as a media coach and career consultant to this day. For more information about her career coaching and audio programs visit her media website at www.makeitinmedia.com or www.hollywoodlife.org.  

The Coach Emerges—Dating, Media & Career Coach

Victorya loved guiding the careers of her Hollywood clients but she wanted to make more of an impact on their lives than merely finding their next short term TV or movie gig. So she achieved her Masters degree at Fuller Theological Seminary at night while continuing her agent career by day. Two years after graduating she married Will Rogers, giving her a great excuse to walk away from the security of her agent career and transition to her dream career of author, speaker and coach. Since that day she had spoken across the country, written four relationship and inspirational books, released her audio series, and continues to actively coach people on major areas of their life including dating, relationships and career guidance.

The Missionary:

Keeping with her love for the entertainment industry and the need for Christians to support the industry, rather than run from it, Victorya officially became a missionary to Hollywood in 2004 (though her life has been lived as a missionary in this mission field since her first job there right after high school). Victorya’s Hollywood ministry, www.HollywoodLife.org, is affiliated with the Mission Service Corp of the North American Mission Board (www.namb.net) and seeks to educate Christians on how to get involved and effectively support the mainstream entertainment industry.

Though frequently found in her native California, Victorya and her husband Will, son Matthew, and daughter Katie, live in a suburb of Dallas.

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